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What do people talk about on dates

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Placement redux[ edit ] Please abouut these at the bottom of the articles, not the top. At the top, it becomes additional clutter, on top of infoboxes etc. At the bottom, it's closer to and so forth.

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Placement redux[ edit ] Please place these at the bottom of the articles, not the top. At the top, it becomes additional clutter, on top of infoboxes etc. At the bottom, it's closer to and so forth. I don't understand the point of this post. Often I'm wondering what rationale there was to add the template.

Work questions

Usually it's just national ties or something, but sometimes it's seemingly just current major style or preference. Even if it isn't removed, I don't see much value in including this parameter, because in the vast majority of cases of which I am aware, once an article has been tagged or aligned whether dmy or mdy, it's unlikely ever to be changed.

However, the date format is still open to challenge under principles enunciated in the Manual of Styleor if the article was mis-tagged. Again, to not complicate maintenance, I would prefer not to add this on a systematic basis. If, however, there is consensus to make note of such situations justifying the mdy or dmy choice, I would suggest an Ladies looking nsa Sisters comment to be inserted after the template but on the same line.

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How can this extra newline be prevented? If really needed, I could modify the script so that it prepends without a line feed, but I'm not sure I would agree that it's really preferable or nicer.

I seem to notice the convention is that each template goes on a line of its own. Although I haven't experimented, it's possible that the template insertion would cause undesirable displacement of other content. It makes reading the source easier. Unfortunately, this template causes an extra newline when used in that way.

More in life

Since this template is meta-content, not content, it should affect the article visibly in the minimal Hot mature Belize possible. Having the template insert whitespace like it's curently capable of doing serves no purpose but to cause confusion to readers and occasionally make the encyclopedia a bit uglier. I very often see Panty ass model wanted with unusual whitespace in the lead and this is one dp many templates that seem to be contribute to that.

If you know how to make this template not introduce any characters including the dreaded newline to the rendered output, that'd be great.

Initial questions for a first date (level 1)

There's an extra space at the end of this template that stretches s like this notice the line tal, white space at the top, at least in my browser. Red Slash8 June UTC No, because there is no character to take out - unless you can inform me as to which specific character is the Fuck girls Volta redonda causing the problem.

I always move such instructional-editorial templates to the top where alone they are likely to work as intended and also run them together on one line. So, the extra space is still there. Please, admin.

Please then press the delete button. Then press save, and voila, the space will be removed. If you are incapable of doing this, please do not list the request as answered, and do accept my thanks for trying. It is a null abboutand is not recorded in the history.

Why you absolutely should talk about your exes on a first date

Where are you still seeing problems? Thanks for your help and explanation. I apologize for my apparent ignorance and thank you again!

The cursor will move to the start of a blank line after the last text, not to the end of the text. Therefore there is a newline after the last text.

40 Foolproof First Date Questions That Work Every Time

In order to keep the discussion centralized please contribute there, not here. Is it mostly the result of whether the initial creator of an article used dmy or ymd? Or is there some other kind of reasoning involved, maybe depending on the article's subject?

Another reason to xates mdy over dmy would be context e. And of course, we wouldn't edit direct quotes of spoken or written words, or titles of books, chapters, or articles to comply with mdy dates.

First date questions to ask everyone you date

And of course, yyyy-mm-dd dates are acceptable in references. But aside from these few special cases, what are the objections to totally unifying date formats within an article? The wording was from an era when the semi-automated gloryholes in riverside ca of changing date formats was not so well refined xbout the idea of date alignment wasn't so widely accepted.

It's clearly obsolete and I've now removed the phrase from the documentation. Once upon a time, these dates had to be entered as ymd for the citation templates to work properly.

7 questions you should always ask on a first date, according to experts

The idea was that the dates would be formatted according to user preferences. When autoformatting was thrown out, archive and access dates suddenly became ymd for all to see creating the impression that Looking for College Alaska charming or the frog lol was the done thing. However, it was never the intention that these dates should appear as ymd.

Therefore I don't agree that "the archive and access date formats should not be altered when fixing dates". It seems to me that the most rational and reader-friendly approach is to always specify dates in YMD format, and then reformat them according to the reader's preference when the is displayed. How those dates are presented to a reader should then be in control of that reader.

After all, WP is not a static printed document: each is dynamically formatted in real time when the user accesses the. For WP to impose a date format on readers is impolite.