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If you would like to participate, please visit the project togoo, where you can the discussion and see a list of open tasks. This category is supported by WikiProject Togo.

User:Berton added the following to the category : This category should include trees and other plantsnative or endemicfound in Togo. This category should exclude plants grown, invasive species or introduced by humans example: weeds.

Berton, I disagree. Many flora also include plants that have become naturalized in that area.

And including plants such as Kudzu in Category:Flora of Virginia is, in my opinion, important. I'd agree on crops or horticultural being excluded, but naturalized species should definitely be included.

But these are, of course, opinions and should be kept on the talk unless there is consensus. Cha, -- Rkitko talk26 July UTC Rkitko, these is not opinions, but explanations of criteria of exclusion and inclusion in this category with the purpose to better the understanding of topic by Woman s half marathon and avoid misapplication.

With regard to naturalized species like Kudzu observe that it isn't included in Category:Flora of Virginiausually they aren't listed in several Floras books. I agree, no doubt, that should have consensus, but for while I think that these explanations shoul be kept in category.

I don't see any problem with that. But that's my opinion of these categorical circumscriptions.

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I'd be interested to know what others think. I've asked User:Hesperian to us in this discussion.

Best, -- Rkitko talk26 July UTC The problem with naturalized species is that if chag are considered in these Floraswill be a strong tendency for overcategorization and besides that will Please indulge my needs the Flora by country disharmoniously. See discussion at Category talk:Flora of the Maldives.

cha Berton26 July UTC Another thing, if you will classify a worldwide weed, for example, you will have to classify it at each Flora by country category, where it occurs, this, besides to be non pratical is without Housewives wants sex Brewster Nebraska. Even though it isn't a weed in every country in Europe, it would still be correct to say that a certain species can be included in the Flora of Europe as naturalized.

The large exceptions shouldn't disrupt the rule, though. Such as Category:Invasive plants of Africa or maybe not--that sounds like the plants Fuck buddys Woolsthorpe invasive and from Africa; toyo Category:Invasive plants in Africa is better.

Berton26 July UTC.