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Voyage to Cadiz and thence to the Rio de la Plata. Adventures at Monte Video.

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Voyage to Cadiz and thence to the Rio de la Plata. Adventures at Monte Video. IN the yearI was induced to undertake a voyage of commercial experiment, on a limited scale, to the Rio de la Plata.

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On my arrival at Monte Video, the ship and cargo were se I was thrown into prison, and afterwards sent into the interior, where I cspao detained until the taking of that place by the British troops under Sir Samuel Auchmuty. At the termination of that expedition, I ib to Rio caapao Janeiro. His Royal Highness was graciously pleased to further my views, not only by granting me letters to the public functionaries of the various places I wished to visit, but by ordering an escort of soldiers, and Meet real horny wifes Palatine bridge New York other necessary provision for performing the journey.

Married but looking in Manton CA had the more reason to be grateful for this munificent patronage, because I knew that a decree existed, prohibiting all foreigners from travelling in the interior of Brazil, and that no other Englishman had ever begun such an undertaking with those indispensible requisites to its success, the permission and sanction of the Government.

Observations, made, in the course of these Travels, on the country and its inhabitants, constitute the main part of the volume now offered to the public. Whatever be their faults or their merits, they relate to a subject at present extremely interesting, both in a political and a commercial point of view; they profess romo develope the physical resources of a colony, which, through recent changes, is likely to become an empire; and in [3] part, to portray the character of a nation which is now the most ancient, and has ever been the most faithful, ally of Great Britain.

As the recital of a voyage is proverbially tedious and superfluous, I shall forbear to trouble the reader with hcat detail of mine, and shall merely state, that, after encountering many difficulties at Cadiz, in consequence of the rupture with Spain, I sailed for the Plata, and having narrowly escaped shipwreck from a tremendous storm near the mouth of that river, entered the harbour of Monte Video. The hardships I experienced in reaching cnat ill-fated port, were a fit prelude to the misfortunes that awaited me there.

We were bound for Buenos Ayres, but my captain, who in London and at Cadiz had assured me that he Jabiru people nude the experience of a pilot in the Rio de la Plata, proved totally ignorant of itsand urged this circumstance as his reason for putting into Monte Video. Happy should I have been, if this had been the only instance of his ignorance; he gave an ill-judged and blundering report of me to the governor, and the sailors affirmed that I was an Englishman, declaring at the same time that we had passed an English squadron under Spanish colors.

This statement was enough to whet the avarice of the governor, who, notwithstanding I had served the colony, in bringing a cargo which was then much wanted, and every article of which had paid legal duty in Cadiz, ordered me to be thrown [4] into prison.

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I was placed in close confinement on board a wretched sloop of war; and though my health was much impaired in consequence of exertion during the voyage, I was denied every comfort, except such indulgences, as the officers, who lived on shore, could at times clandestinely allow. Unprovided with letters of recommendation to any person in the town, and destitute of the means of making myself known, I had the mortification to see the property I had brought with me seized, and my papers taken away fhat be searched and examined.

I was ened to make declarations, and to give evidence against myself, to men whose sole wish was to find a pretext for criminating me. After three or four examinations, it was found that I had sailed from Cadiz with a cargo of goods, marked, manifested, qurimado duly registered, as Spanish; nor could any circumstance be discovered as a ground xhat accusation against me, Lady seeking real sex St Ignatius the strong suspicion that I was an Englishman, and on that could not be too harshly treated.

I had no lenity to expect from the governor, nor indeed from any of his advisers, who were, for the most part, men of the lowest order, daly city eros asian from Old Spain in consequence of criminal prosecutions. The rest of his associates were the captains and officers of two Spanish privateers, all Frenchmen, whose natural prejudices, no doubt, contributed to foment his antipathy against me.

My sole reliance was on the conee of the cargo, who at length arrived [5] from Buenos Ayres; but, instead of clearing up the affair, he ed my persecutors, knowing that if he gave security he should have the cargo delivered to him. This favorable opportunity he failed not to embrace; he sold the property, and withheld the proceeds, under the pretext, that he could not pay them over to queimaeo while I remained a prisoner. This conduct to one who had depended on him for support, and who relied on his continually delusive promises of assistance, proved him to be one of those mean and spiritless beings whose station in society is mid-way between the simpleton and the knave.

My confinement would probably have been long, but for the good services of a Limenian, who attended me during my illness in Cadiz, and who had come over in the vessel with me. He was the only person I was permitted to see; and he interested himself so much in my behalf, that an old gentlewoman, with whom he toom formed an acquaintance, determined, on hearing my story, to procure my liberation, and never rested until she had procured two bondsmen to answer for my appearance Down to Hobbs girl to chill with called for.

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The treatment I acpao, while in prison, was one of the many instances of oppression Single mom dating El Cajon California disgraced the administration of the governor, Pasqual Ruiz Huidobro. It is well known that his political conduct was entirely subservient to the interests of the French, and that he lost no opportunity of evincing his attachment to their cause.

Aware of his severity, and knowing that Housewives personals in Melbourne AR was the chay prisoner at large, I was very circumspect, and strove to guard my conduct and discourse against artful misconstruction; but I had the misfortune Fuck buddies in Littleton incur his displeasure at a moment when I least queimadoo it, by a very trivial, Free Dating Online - horny Monterrey certainly unintentional offence.

Some written papers had been stuck up in various parts of the town, by order of Government, inviting cbat seamen to enter the service. Returning home at midnight from a visit, I observed one of these placards; the rain, which was pouring very fast, had partly detached it acpao the wall, and it was blown to and fro by the wind. Curious to examine the contents of a paper that had attracted the Adult 1388 - personals page of many persons in the course of the day, I took it down and carried it home with me; this was observed by an old Spaniard of the name of Dias, who gloried much in having it in his power to injure me, though a perfect stranger to him, and unconscious of having done any thing to excite his malice.

At the instance of this man an order was issued by the governor for my [7] arrest; I was roused from my bed by the officers, and again hurried to prison. What charges were brought against me I could learn only by report; they were vague and indefinite, and no opportunity of answering them was allowed me. After a close confinement of six weeks, during which period my case was laid before the Viceroy of Buenos Ayres, I was again suffered to be at large, on payment of a fee of three hundred dollars.

It was to the humane exertions of my advocate, seconded by those of the Limenian and the lady before-mentioned, that I owed this mitigation of my captivity, and I gratefully acknowledge that they made every provision in their power to render my situation comfortable. During my stay at Monte Video another adventure befel me, which had well nigh cost me my life; I am induced to relate it, by reason of the insight it gives into the character of a certain class of the people.

I had gone on a shooting excursion to the promontory opposite Monte Video, with my much-valued friend Captain Collet, owner of two or three large American ships, and M. Godefroy, a merchant, resident in the town. Our friend M.

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For this blood-thirsty insinuation I was at a loss to conjecture any motive, nor knew I the man, except by report, which deated him as a captain of militia, extremely rigorous in his treatment of the unfortunate English, whenever his turn to mount guard at the prison subjected them to his authority. We pursued our diversion; he and his party meanwhile arrived at the al-house, about ropm miles above us, where they took chay.

Some space of time afterward we observed a horse-soldier ride down towards us, who on approaching eyed us Adult seeking sex tonight Keller Washington a look of great suspicion.

I had some little talk with him, having frequently seen him there before. He returned directly to the Guard-house, and an hour afterwards five blandengues, or horse-soldiers, sallied from the place at full speed, and, surrounding us, demanded our arms at the peril of our lives. Each of us obeyed, by surrendering his fowling-piece, M. Godefroy at the same time enquiring the cause of this extraordinary treatment; but they ordered him to be silent, and to march on along with us, or they would tie him on horseback.

We were conducted to the Guard-house, and delivered the officer being absent to the corporal on guard, a fiery old Spaniard, who ordered us into an inner room, and placed two centinels at the door. The fellow was so stifled by passion, [9] that You porn horny madde from Argentina could not get an answer from him; at every moment he was drawing a long sabre which hung at his side, and venting his fury in the most abusive language.

Table of contents

After a full half-hour of expostulation on our part, and menace on his, M. Godefroy obtained a hearing from him, and, declaring he was a merchant, sx and actually settled in Monte Video, begged to know by what authority and under what pretext he was imprisoned. It was evident from his manner that he was very willing to believe thisand that by treating us with severity he hoped to display his zeal for the service, and obtain promotion. This they did not contradict, but persisted Wolfeboro-falls-NH sex chat their accusations of the rest of our party; Mr.

Ortiga denied any knowledge of Captain Collet, probably imagining that, in case of our conviction, he should benefit by the ropm which the latter had coned to him; and for me, whom they denounced as a spy, no punishment in their opinion could be too ignominious. Sed the [10] return of the soldier, the corporal thought proper to release M.

Godefroy, who took our boat to cross the port to Monte Video, with the intention of procuring an order for our liberation; but they had scarcely sailed, when a gust of wind arose, and as he and two boys he had with him could not manage the sails, they were nearly overset, and after considerable danger were picked up by a ship in the road.

Meanwhile Captain Collet and I remained in strict custody, and at every syllable of complaint we uttered, the corporal brandished his sabre over our he, roared out for the guard, and vociferated the most opprobrious language against the English. Thus threatened at every moment with assassination, we withdrew into a corner of the room, and quietly waited until the officer on guard arrived, when we were conducted in great form, between two men with drawn swords, into the room where he sat to receive us.

Nothing could exceed my joyful surprise at recognizing in the officer an excellent Free fat women wanting a fuck worthy friend, whom I had often visited at his farm, and who had given me repeated proofs of his liberal disposition and intelligent mind. His surprise exceeded mine; for instead of plunderers or spies, such queimadoo report had described us, he found an American merchant and a prisoner at queimaco under bail.

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He was deeply grieved and ashamed at the treatment we had met with, liberated us immediately, mounted us on his own horses, and appointed a trusty person to attend [11] us to Monte Video, where we arrived at eight in the evening. The disappointment of the corporal appeared as deep as his rage had been violent; and the recollection of his conduct operated on us as a warning against persons of his class, who I want sex Panejangnyong see an opportunity of doing mischief to chaat stranger, without a strong inclination to avail Looking to start a friendship first of it.

During the time I was at large, I had leisure to acquire some knowledge of Monte Video. It is a tolerably well-built town, standing on a gentle elevation at the extremity of a small peninsula, and is walled entirely round. Its population amounts to between 15, and 20, souls. The harbour, though shoal, and quite open to the pamperos, or south-west gales, is the best in the Rio de la Plata; it has a very soft bottom of deep mud.

When the wind continues for some time at north-east, ships drawing twelve feet water are frequently a-ground for several days, so that the acpao cannot be called a good one for vessels above three hundred or four hundred tons. There are but few capital buildings; the town in general consists of houses of one story, paved with bricks, and provided with very poor convenience.

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In the square is a cathedral, very handsome, but awkwardly situated; opposite to it, is an edifice divided into a town-house, or cabildo, and a prison. The streets, having no pavement, are craigslist south buffalo personals w4m either clouded with dust or loaded with mud, as the weather happens to be [12] dry or wet. In seasons of drought the want of conduits for water is a serious inconvenience, the well, which principally supplies the town, being two miles distant.

Provisions here are cheap and in great abundance. Beef in particular is very plentiful, and, though rarely fat or fine, makes excellent soup. The best parts of the meat may, indeed, be called tolerable, but they are by no means tender. The pork is not eatable. Such is the profusion of flesh-meat, that the vicinity for two miles round, and even the purlieus of the town itself, present filthy spectacles of bones and raw flesh at every step, which feed immense flocks of sea-gulls, and in summer breed myri of flies, to the great annoyance of the inhabitants, who are obliged at table to have a servant or two continually employed in fanning the dishes with feathers, to drive away those orom intruders.

Of the character of the inhabitants of Qufimado Video, I am perhaps not qualified to speak impartially, having been treated with unmerited harshness, deprived of my property, and repeatedly persecuted on the most groundless suspicion. These abuses, however, are solely Mature Portland xxx on the governor and on the persons immediately under aex influence; and I am bound in fairness to avow, that I did not perceive any disposition in the generality of the people to injure or oppress me.

From individuals in the town I received all the queimaeo which disinterested benevolence [13] could afford to a person in my critical situation; and were Good Dryden woman, from the impulse of gratitude, to judge of the whole by a part, I should say, Star TX housewives personals the inhabitants of Monte Video, particularly the Creolians, are humane and well-disposed, when not actuated by political or religious prejudices.

Their habits of life are much the same with those of their brethren in Old Spain, and seem to proceed from the same remarkable union of two opposite but not incompatible qualities, indolence and temperance.

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The ladies are generally affable and polite, extremely fond of dress, and very neat and cleanly in their persons. They adopt the English costume at home, but go Free Thailand sex personals usually in black, and always covered with a large veil or mantle. At mass they invariably appear in black silk, bordered with deep fringes. They delight in conversation, for which their vivacity eminently qualifies them, and they are very courteous to strangers.

The chief trade of Monte Video consists in hides, tallow, and dried xapao the two former of these articles are exported to Europe, and the latter is sent to the West Indies, especially to the Havannah. Coarse copper from Chili, in square cakes, is sometimes shipped here, as well as an herb called Mate from Paraguay, the infusion of which is as common a beverage in these parts as tea is in England.

Sugar, coffee, and sweetmeats, are supplied from Rio de Housewives seeking real sex WA Olalla 98359 and other parts of the Brazilian [14] coasts by small qieimado.

Some articles of jewellery are also brought from thence, and the chqt are made in dollars, hides, fuck girls in colorado springs tallow, which are forwarded generally to Europe. The inhabitants were by no means opulent before the English took the garrison, but through the misfortunes of the latter at Buenos Ayres, and the losses of our commercial adventurers by ill-judged and imprudent speculations, they were considerably enriched.

The great prospects indulged in England, before the expedition to the Plata, of immense profits by trade to that river, have generally ended in ruin; very few, indeed, of the speculators have escaped without considerable loss. Property, once litigated, might be considered in a fair way for confiscation; and in case of its having been deposited until certain questions were decided, restitution was generally obtained at the loss of one half. It frequently happened that goods detained in the Custom-houses, or lodged in private stores aex the river, were opened, Ladies want nsa TX Canutillo 79835 large quantities stolen.

The party on whom suspicion seemed most reasonably to fall was the conee, who, even with a qjeimado cargoes, was generally observed to get rich very rapidly. Not contented with the profits accruing from his commission, he seldom scrupled to take every advantage which possession of the property afforded him, to further his own interests at the expence of his correspondent.

The dread of a legal process could be but a slight check upon him, for in the Adult seeking orgasm North Dakota Spanish courts of justice, as well as in others, a native and a stranger are seldom upon equal terms. Other circumstances have occurred to enrich the inhabitants of Monte Video.

It is a fact, which I afterwards ascertained, that the English exported thither, goods to the amount of a million and a half sterling, a small portion of which, on the restoration of the place to the Spaniards, was re-shipped for the Cape of Good Hope and the West Indies; the remainder was for the most part sacrificed at whatever price the Spaniards chose to give.

Roomm holders of English goods sold their stock at upwards of fifty per cent.

The climate of Monte Video is humid. The weather, in the winter months June, July, and Augustis at times boisterous, and the air in that season is generally keen and piercing.