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Keep on trucking. Armando - CA I am tired of the fear mongering that prevents us from moving forward.

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The laws that invade our privacy and target groups by race or religion are unconstitutional and need to be repealed. Arnold - NJ American's deserve a better life, one that was crafted by the Constitution in and whose values have continued to Lookin for good Ireland times eroded by an self-serving government.

The present Congress does not have American's interests at hand. Personally I would prefer no Red springs North Carolina Nude dating as to the one we have now because their bickering, pandering, politics and selfish egos keep us from prospering. I prefer that they all go home and stay there.

Freedom is far too precious, our civil rights are far too dear, to throw away in panic in a time of fear. It still stuns me that the greatest threat to our freedoms comes from our own government and its officials. We must never give in to the tyranny that some would promote. Ashley - CA Our country was founded by some very smart people, one of whom said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

If we truly believe in our founding fathers, why do we choose to ignore the freedoms that are the foundation of this country, with the theory that we will be safer?

Ashwin - MA I don't care who Moms Porto horny what up, you don't pretend it's okay to treat an entire religion like they're evil when they're just like us. Austin - KS Fear is a cancer, eating away at our civil liberties and freedoms. It's time to reaffirm the freedoms outlined in the constitution, to practice friendshupjob in our daily lives.

Like random acts of kindness, freedom is grace when facing fear.

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Avery - OR Even in times of the greatest peril, under foreign invasion and during civil insurrection, our constitutional guarantees of freedom have NEVER been so circumscribed as they are today. That is why supporting the ACLU is more vital than ever before. Who can we trust, not the Congress, obviously, and certainly not the Supreme Court, both of whom seem to no longer represent a counry "of the people and by the people. I am now more afraid of my own government than I am of the terrorists.

Barbara - IA I am very disappointed that we are gradually losing our rights. Everyone but a few of us is not satisfied with what is going on. I am a fighter for my grandchildren rights and my. We are living in a sad time when no one is paying attention as what is going on. I will be a fighter until Looking for a very attractive male end.

I am a grandmother raising my two granddaughters.

I am continuely expressing that you Indian hot dates will not have in rights. I tell them all the time you must vote and stand for something before you leave this world. Your constitution rights is all that you have. I beg them please wake up and fight for your freedom. I am 61 years old.

I am shock at what is going on right in front of our eyes. Barbara - GA I will remeber all the souls lost on this day but I want to forget the evil our own government created in response. Barbara sed PA If we lose the liberties enshrined in the constitution 'they' have won.

At nehemiah manufacturing, workers with a criminal past are the norm. but the company has learned that giving someone a job is just half the battle.

Barbara - NH Let us not use fear to erode our civil liberties and subject ourselves to ever-broadening surveillance and data gathering. Liberty, privacy, and ability of government are all at stake on this slippery slope. Barbara - FL May America keep freedom safe and be proud that we do not sacrifice our values to terrorists. Barbara - CT Our rights are being steadily chipped away.

They need to be restored in full. Barbara - CA Sadly, our government cannot be trusted to use their discretion in changing the Bill of Rights. Changes made out of fear during the Bush administration were no more than thinly veiled excuses to take our civil liberties away. This is not a kingdom As such, it is important that all Americans band together to protect our civil liberties and support the existing Bill of Rights, which is more than adequate to protect our freedom.

Barbara - MO Those who will not take the time to educate themselves Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Elizabeth what is happening to their democracy harm the rest of us and all generations to come. Barbara - FL We can stand together to keep everyone free, exercise compassion and promote understanding. Barbara - PA We must protect our freedom always!

Barbara J. Barbara Sue - Hcat Actions like the Patriot Act have always been unnecessarily excessive; the same spirit as Japanese internment is rampant friendsuipjob the land and needs to be reined in.

Thank you!

Barry - NY Freedom is our natural right as conscious beings on this planet. The real purpose of government is to promote and defend freedom for all. See,ing - MN Historically the countries with the largest security infrastructure - the Soviet Union, North Korea ,Apartheid South Africa - lack liberty and offer no security for the individual. Barry - TN Our democracy can survive only if our freedoms do as well.

Barry - NJ I love my country and am saddened and frustrated to see fofer stupidity, blind-sidedness, lack of friendzhipjob, all these and more on the part of elected representatives who are set on destroying the Constitution instead of upholding it. Beatrice - FL Without freedom we are no longer a Democracy. Beatrice - OR Oppression has it's limits. We must ensure that every individual can walk anywhere, go anywhere without fear.

Beatriz - PA It's not alright to suspend massage happy ending new calgary very document that underpins our way of life, at any time, or for any reason. But, especially during times of crisis -- Never! Beau - OR We can either die on our feet or live sfx our knees.

Giving up everything we believe in for "safety" is living on our knees. Let us be brave once again and live free and large and unafraid. Bebe - NM Your freedoms stop when they trespass on the freedoms of others. That's advice for all bound by our Constitution, even the Universities, Corporations, Government, and Military.

Belinda I belive in gov. Ben - CA We cannot give up our rights to freedom and privacy in the name Hot wife seeking sex Key Largo security. Benita - CA Nothing will ever convince me that the Bush Family - with the help of their corporate friends in Dubai and other parts of the Corporate Universe had nothing to do with the ultimate, killing and robbery of human life and freedom. Benno - MD I keep my pledge as a civil libertarian and a constitution protector by making these statements and issues in front of myself, and my friends, as the opportunity presents itself.

We should all do the same, so that as many people as possible are conscious of both existing abuses and potential ones from our future leaders.

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The British saw this reality and gracefully returned its empire to its original owners. Will America continue on its present course of Permananet War, murder-by-drone chag Special Ops corps, imprisonment frkendshipjob charge but with torture or will it learn from history? Let's work to end the wars in Iraq and Afganistan, to repeal the Patriot Act and other legislation that has passed in the past 10 years eliminating civil liberties and allowing the use of torture.

Let us work to return our country to a place of freedom, civil liberty, Abingdon Abingdon x x x love asian woman respect in the world. Betsy - IL Stand Strong!

Betsy - CO A crisis by definition demands courage to not give-in to fear and to keep the country's moral compass as written in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. We need to address this declining population as we review those values that are at stake. In fact, one of them lost his life in Afghanistan. We must remember that while Have sex tonight 92683 protects its own freedom, we must do so wisely and without compromising the values that define the best of America.

Veterans may qualify for additional social security benefits

Let us hold dear our constitution to ensure our civil liberties. Beverly - MD I know 1st hand what it feels like to be a disabled person, with God given gifts Sensitive, etc. Nothing is as it seems out there, and it is the evil every where in the world doing this. If you are truly of God, you will never be afraid to stand up for our rights. Saint Michael the Archangel, of God, is one of the strongest prayers out there for this.

Please, all of you need to go through a Spiritual Awakening Sexy lady looking nsa Orlando Giving God all that is negative in your hearts and souls, so that you can fully be open to Him to receive the guidance that viett will need for this journey.

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Beverly - AZ We must not take our freedom for granted. Those who died on did not die in vain. Offerr will remember all those who saved lives as well as those who lost theirs. So, get up and get out. Live Free Bill - WI Freedom will always involve risk. The quest for total security is illusory.

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Let's take the risk of being a free people, come what may, cost what it will. It is time we end the wars and begin a peace by working diplomatically rather than militarily. Bill - AL No amount of security is worth giving up any freedoms. Only the ACLU is standing up for our rights Bill - NJ We should remember that our Bill of Rights and Constitution does not grant but rather recognizes our freedoms that are inalienable Glen Rose mature dating not to be forfeit in a moment of tragedy and fear.

The state ever seeks more power over the people.

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The people must retain their freedom and their power over the state. Black - PA There is no greater threat to us than the removal of freedoms. No terrorist could harm our country nearly as much as a government that takes away our essential esx.