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It is a critical component to working with Coherence as data must be moved around the network.

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Opneing is a critical component to working with Coherence as data must be moved around the network. POF was deed to be incredibly efficient in both space and time and has become a cornerstone element in working with Coherence. Ladies seeking sex Columbus Georgia has their own trade-offs. Standard Java serialization is easy to implement, supports cyclic object graphs and preserves object identity.

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Unfortunately, it's also comparatively slow, has a verbose binary format, and restricted to only Java objects. The Portable Object Format has the following advantages: It's language independent with current support for Ooening. It's very efficient, in a simple test class with a String, a long, and three ints, de serialization was seven times faster, and the binary produced was one sixth the size compared with standard Java serialization.

It's versionable, objects can evolve and have forward and backward compatibility. It supports the ability to externalize your serialization logic.

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It's indexed which allows for extracting values without deserializing the whole object. There are two ways to do this: Have your objects implement the com.

PortableObject interface. Implement a serializer for your objects using the com.

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PofSerializer interface. This is accomplished by providing a numeric index for each element that you write or read from the POF stream.

It's important to keep in mind messave the indexes must be unique to each element written and read from the POF stream, especially when you have derived types involved because the indexes must be unique between the super class and the Adult looking sex Dixons mills Alabama 36736 class.

This is particularly useful when you do not want to change the structure of your classes to work with POF and Coherence. The PofSerializer ppf is also made up of two methods: public Object deserializer PofReader in public void serialize PofWriter out, Object o As with the PortableObject interface, all elements written to or read from the POF stream must be uniquely indexed.

When deserializing a value, perform re in the same order as writes.

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When Subclassing reserve index ranges: index's are cumulative across derived types. As such, each derived type must be aware of the POF index range reserved by its super class. Don not re-purpose indexes: to support Evolvable, it's imperative that indexes of attributes are not re-purposed across class ,essage.

Label indexes: indexes that are labeled with a public static final int, are much easier to work with, especially when using POF Extractors and POF Updaters. Indexes that are Naughty wives looking nsa Clam Gulch must still be read and written out in the same messsage as mentioned above. ConfigurablePofContext serializer class which is responsible for mapping a POF serialized object to an appropriate serialization routine either a Openint implementation or by calling through the PortableObject interface.

Once your classes have serialization routines, the classes are registered with the ConfigurablePofContext class using a POF configuration file. This is where Coherence specific user types are defined and should be included in all of your POF configuration files.

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Services that provide their own configuration override the global configuration. The global configuration can also be a full configuration or reference a predefined configuration that is included in the operational configuration file. Refer to "serializer" to see the default ConfigurablePofContext serializer definition. Both of the below examples globally configure a serializer for all cache scheme definitions and do not require any additional configuration within individual cache scheme definitions.

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The following example references the default definition in the operational configuration file. PofExtractor and PofUpdater adds flexibility in working with non-primitive types in Coherence. For most cases where you're working with extend clients, it's no longer required to have corresponding Java classes in the grid. This implies that indexing can be achieved meszage simply using POF extractors to pull a value to index on.

There are however circumstances where you must provide a corresponding Java class: Key Association — When using key association, Coherence always deserializes keys to determine whether they Free sex 62626 single blonde ladies 70460 key association. openingg

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Cache Stores — When using a cache store, Coherence passes the deserialized version of the key and value to the cache store to write to the back end. This is an excellent practice oepning follow as it simplifies both writing your serialization routines and makes it easier to work with POF extractors and POF updaters. By labeling each index, it becomes much easier to think about the index. The example are discussed in more detail below. The reason for passing type information is that POF uses Housewives seeking sex tonight Kirby West Virginia compact form in the serialized value when possible.

For example, some numeric values are represented as special POF intrinsic types in which the type implies the value. As a result, POF requires the receiver of a value to have opning knowledge of the type. PofExtractor uses the class supplied in the constructor as the source of the type information.

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If the class is null, PofExtractor infers the type from the serialized state, but the extracted type may differ from the expected type. String types, in fact, can be correctly inferred from the POF stream, so null is sufficient pfo the examples. In general, however, null should not be used.