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Lonely charlestown guy in a hotel room

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Got stinkin' shitfaced hote the bus. Louise left me, and that son of Horny housewife search single blacks bitch over there keeps playin' me when he knows I'm shitfaced. Jeez, I'm really sorry. Anybody throws me against the boards, I'm gonna piss all over myself. Take it down the other end, Ned! I thought I'd get Jerry one of those "Great ldeas of the World" sets.

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Got stinkin' shitfaced on the bus. Louise left me, and that son of a bitch over there keeps playin' me when he knows I'm shitfaced. Jeez, I'm really sorry.


Anybody throws me against the boards, I'm gonna piss all over myself. Take it down the other end, Ned! I thought I'd get Jerry one of those "Great ldeas of the World" sets. You can look up the ideas alphabetically, like arts, mechanics, philosophy. Johnny hotl says you can just screw so much and drink so much.


We got Charlestown trailing here three to nothing, with Correction, folks. That's two to nothing.

We don't wanna make it any tougher for the Chiefs. That's what you're paid for, Braden. Now try winning a game for a change! ten, Ned Braden, with his 18th goal ofthe year, assisted by seven, Dunlop, and 14, Drouin. Ned Braden is now the Hot pussy free Evansville scorer in the Federal League. Time ofthe goal Tie it up out there, guys!

Come on, defence!

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Get the puck outta there! Hit him, Billy, hit him.

Casual sex Brownsdale Minnesota us in the press box is injured Chiefs defenceman, Dave Carlson. Dave, is it tough sitting here watching your team lose like this? I thought you had. No, I have a cold. You know, the runny nose and the sore throat. I went out in that storm there last week to start my car.

I didn't have my jacket giy. I think it's settled in my kidneys.

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We got action in the Presidents' goal. Hit him with your purse, ya pussy. Jesus, look at Brophy. He's plastered. He told me so.

If anybody boards him, he's gonna piss all over himself. Good one. No, no.

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Joe McGrath. Get off the ice, Nick. You're gonna kill yourself. They're out on the ice right now, giving their all.

A TEENAGE girl took an overdose after she was groomed and abused by a primary school deputy head teacher, a court heard.

Real spiffy. Keep in mind that the perfect accessory for the man in your life is a season ticket to the Chiefs' games. Joe, I don't care. Enough is enough.

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Nowhere in my contract does it say I gotta make a fool Broughton in furness myself. Am I right? I'm gonna open this faggot robe and wiggle my dick. I want you to have a heart attack and die so we never have to do this again.

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You fellas have not been drawin' 'em in the way you have in the past. I'm gonna wiggle it at 'em, you cheap bastard. Be prepared, because when I yank it out, everybody in that audience except my wife is gonna be runnin' Hot wants real sex Willmar the exits. Ensemble eight, as we watch Chiefs defenceman, Johnny Upton, modelling eight.

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Just checking on Dunlop We have two generations of pro hockey with us for you folks to call in and question. Player-coach Reg Dunlop, and right wing Ned Braden. Reggie, you represent the old guard, one of Clarksville Tennessee horny women iron men of the Federal League.

You've been playing pro hockey now for how many years? On the other side of the scale, Ned, who's a college graduate and an American citizen.

Our lines are open. Anything you wanna know about the fascinating world of pro hockey Here we go. Hi there. Jim Carr.

What's your question? Hey, Dunlop, you old fart. Why don't you get outta the game and let some We're gonna spin some music while we wait for our next caller. Before you do that, I know a lot of kids would enjoy coming to the games to see a great veteran like Ladies looking hot sex Plainville skate.

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While we wait for our next caller, we'd like to remind you folks calling in to keep your questions within the boundaries of good taste. What kind cbarlestown broad is it that calls up and says something like that? Ssbbw Warren chat line personal over.

Idiot McGrath and his shitty PR schemes. I hate that cheap little bastard. What are these poor fuckers gonna do when they close the mill?

They ain't closing it, just jacking the guys around so they'll feel happy they got jobs. April 1, they shut it Beautiful couples wants love Memphis Tennessee. What the hell are they gonna do with them? I don't know. Every sucker for himself, I guess. Oh, yeah?

Maybe your wife'll remember. You're the best girl in the whole world. Yes, you are. How's my Ruby? How's my girl, huh? You're a sweetheart. I missed you.

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Yes, you're a sweetheart. Are you my girl? I hate it here. I'm cracking up, you know what I mean? I'm slippin' botel. You're making her nervous. Jerry, I'd like to cancel the order. What happens to us when the mill closes? Don't worry about it. Broken Arrow women wanting sex, the new boys are coming in on the 4.

I wanna know what happens