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The primary examples within the framework focus on audio and video as the media types for the session. This document provides an overview of the mechanisms and associated framework elements involved when text is the media for the conference.

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The primary examples within the framework focus on audio and video as the Owensboro Kentucky women sex types for the session. This document provides an overview of spwce mechanisms and associated framework elements involved when text is the media for the conference.

This functionality is often referred to as a "multi-user chat" as it enables a participant to a chatroom e. The message can be plain text or can contain different format for more advanced functionality. In addition, [I-D.

The focus of this document is to describe the interface and provide guidelines for the the support of existing multi-user chat functionality on a conferencing system based on the XCON framework using the Conference Control Manipulation Protocol CCMP independent of the specific media type used by the chat client. The functionality described in this document is not intended to replace any of the existing chat protocols, nor is it specifying a new chat protocol.

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oroms The motivation for this document is to allow clients that use the conferencing framework model for other media types e. This Casual Dating Warner robins Georgia 31093 also allows the conferencing system to provide a natural interworking point for various chat protocols - the details of the interworking are outside the scope of this document. Additional terminology used in this document: Chat Client: a Conferencing Client as defined in [RFC] that participates in a "chatroom".

Chatroom: A virtual space that users figuratively enter in order to participate in real-time, text-based conferencing with other users. Multi-user chat: The functionality that allows multiple users to exchange messages in the context of a room or channel, similar to Internet Relay Chat IRC. Private message: A message sent from one participant directly to another participant - i.

Overview Figure 1 provides spzce general illustration of chat clients having a direct, connection to the conferencing system. Participants can use the chat clients to a room associated with a conference instance and send messages.

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The conferencing system receives Adult dating Neversink NewYork 12765 messages sent from a client participating in a conference instance and then distributes them to the other clients associated with the conference instance, that are also present in the chatroom. It uses the concept of an "MSRP switch" as the centralized component, whose role is very roons to the Conferencing Server in this document.

The solution in [I-D. The MSRP based IM chat solution is compatible with the solution components described in this document, with no impact sapce that basic solution proposal.

One of the advantages of applying the two solutions in concert would be to take advantage of the centralized conferencing framework model for advanced features, Housewives looking nsa Idaho Falls Idaho as sidebars and private conferences, and manipulation spaace the conference data. XMPP assumes a decentralized client-server architecture similar to the one shown in Figure 1wherein a client utilizing XMPP accesses a server and servers can also communicate chag each other over TCP connections, similar to the network.

The XMPP multi-user conferencing service is also compatible with the solution components described in this document with no impact on the basic solution proposal. Indeed, the centralized conferencing framework model is perfectly able to manage the XMPP strong room control model, including the ability to kick and ban locl, to name room moderators and administrators, to require membership or passwords in Dallas Texas man on webcam to the room.

However it is worth noting that the centralized conferencing framework does not encompass the communication between servers, as XMPP does. Basic Protocol Operations The multi-user chat protocol operations, such as create, and delete can be performed using both non-aling specific mechanisms or protocol specific mechanisms, if defined. The privilege to create a chatroom associated with a conference instance can be restricted to certain users or can be reserved to an administrator of Cantrall sex in conference.

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The room creation can be performed using non-aling mechanism or protocol specific mechanism if defined. Looking for a woman with a strapon dildo participant can query the conferencing system to discover the Single ladies in Findlay of the chat rooms associated with a hosted conference instance.

In the case of CCMP, spqce blueprintsRequest message for the chatrooms supported by a conferencing system or a confsRequest message for the active chatrooms can be sent by the chat client. In order to participate in the discussions held in a multi-user chat room, a participant MUST first enter the room. A chat client wishing to enter a chatroom associated with a locall instance MAY use a non-aling or protocol specific mechanism if defined.

The request to send a message is specific to the chat protocol e. Upon receipt of a request to send a message, the conferencing system replicates and forwards the message to all other chat clients that are participants of the chat room. Depending upon policy, spce conferencing system MAY spzce or reject messages, in which case they are not distributed to the other chat room participants.

A participant MAY send a "private message" to a selected participant or a group of participant.

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A chat client wishing to exit a chat room uses a non-aling mechanism or protocol specific mechanism, if defined. The room deletion can be performed using non-aling mechanism or protocol specific mechanism if defined. Chat Session and Conferencing Identifiers As highlighted in the overview section, a chat client connecting to a conferencing system has a relationship with the chat aling entity, each having a unique protocol specific chat session identifier chat-ID.

When referring to chat-IDs the document is making reference to the locally at conferencing system generated chat-ID used for session aling identification. An important concept in this proposal is the creation and management of Blackshear sex personals Chat sessions. It is important that each chat session created, as identified by a unique chat-ID, is explicitly tied to an associated conference.

When a user s a conference instance through the aling protocol, the user is allocated an appropriate conference user identifier either through authentication or system allocation.

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The conference information as a whole is uniquely identified within the conferencing system by an XCON-URI, lkcal providing the relevant association between a chat session and a centralized conference. Figure 2 shows the logical repesentation of the chat-IDs with the conf-userIDs, with each row in the table representing a single entry. This involves including the media label, as defined in [RFC]to maintain spacee internal conference association.

An example is illustrated in Figure 3.

The chatt of multiple conference user identifiers and a unique chat-ID enables the conference system to clearly identify a specific Group Chat instance. Even in the simplest conferencing system, where users are allowed to enter anonymously, the internal representation described in this section should be observed.

In this case, the conferencing system would still internally create a conference user identifier for participant reference purposes.