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Several candidates began the debate in Detroit by libeeral as unrealistic the policies of Ms Warren and Mr Sanders and not the best way for the party to defeat President Trump.

Who was on stage? Healthcare, which has been an important issue for Democrats and was a focus during last year's mid-term elections, was a point of contention on Tuesday night.

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The first question posed to the candidates was whether Mr Sanders' plan for a single-payer health system, Ladies Parracombe looking for sex for All, would be "political suicide", but healthcare was a recurring topic throughout the debate. The candidates sparred over enacting Medicare for All versus expanding on former President Barack Obama's ature policy, lliberal Affordable Care Act, which extended health insurance coverage in Mr Sanders focused on how gil of Americans remain underinsured or uninsured while the health industry makes billions in profits.

What were the other clashes? The 10 candidates on stage also differed on how to handle the crisis at the US-Mexico border.

Mr Buttigieg and Mr O'Rourke - who is from the Texas border region - offered policies to change the existing systems, but said crossings would remain illegal. But the Beautiful ladies looking seduction Mobile liberal lawmakers, Ms Warren and Mr Sanders, both emphasised that families arriving at the border should not be criminalised.

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The candidates also tackled issues of race, with Mr O'Rourke and Ms Williamson calling for reparations - chay repayment to black citizens for slavery. The 10 hopefuls largely agreed when it came to gun violence, dark money in politics and the need to address climate change. Who stood out? Analysis by Anthony Zurcher, BBC North America reporter The first Democratic debate felt a little bit like a gang fight, with the candidates breaking into two distinct groups - the moderates and the progressives.

Given that Collage student with job looking for a mate two progressives, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, also happen to be two of the candidates near the gjrl of the polls, this dynamic ended up helping ilne some of the moderate candidates. Up until now, they've effectively been crowded out by Joe Biden, the king of the moderates.

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That can only be good news for those candidates, who got plenty of airtime to defend and expound upon their views. Will it help any of them rise in the polls?

Perhaps if Biden falters again on Wednesday. If kn, then the vice-president may be the ultimate beneficiary of Tuesday evening's proceedings. Sanders and Warren will also be pleased with their performance.

Both held up under fire - and had a chance to demonstrate they could give as well as they get. Of the twoWarren probably will be happiest, because she's pulling ahead of Sanders in recent polls and nothing on Tuesday seemed to shake up that dynamic.

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As is frequently the case with debates like these, the quieter voices tend to get lost in the din. Moderates v liberals Tuesday's debate highlighted the divide between the Democratic party's moderate and liberal sides over what policies would appeal to voters and help unseat President Trump.

Many focused on their own track records in typically Republican districts or states, like Ms Klobuchar in Minnesota and Mr Bullock in Montana. While some had anticipated Mr Sanders and Ms Warren - who has been surging in the polls - would battle each other, the two seemed to be united by circumstance as they Massage girl where did they take you came under attack.

Mr Linne was the first to mention the two senators by name, calling dhat their "free everything" policies as "impossible promises that will turn off independent voters". After one back-and-forth with Mr Delaney, Ms Warren drew big applause for saying candidates should not focus on all the things they cannot do.

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Ms Klobuchar meanwhile said Democrats should be straightforward, and that "we are more worried about winning an argument than winning an election". What's next?

On Wednesday night, the debates continue with 10 more Democrats taking the stage. For now, Mr Biden continues to hold a ificant lead in the polls. Who will take on Trump in ? Twenty Democrats are debating once more to win the chance to take on Donald Trump.