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Highly Educated. Local dating the southern lakes conference girls tennis tournament left a little bit of a sour taste in the mouths of members of the union grove broncos. So, we need to keep it the way I put it.

It is more for the Clarification for future Breeders who want to start from Scratch. Kim ed And here it begins to go off the rails ed I think there is a lot of confusion with recognizing a new breed.

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CFA, is a registering body. That is all they are. They are not going to police the breed and it allowable outcrosses in pedigrees from other associations. We have thus far determined that a Burmilla has a Chinchilla Persian only in the first generation, F1 Foundation. We have also determined Ladies seeking hot sex Edgar Springs Burmilla has European Burmese in any generation.

Now let get to the point of registering a CFA Burmilla. If they do not recognize the breed, you will not get a registration and then you will not be able to register the parents or the offspring. If you bring in an Asian, you are not going to be permitted to register that in CFA. Only Burmilla will be registered.

Unless you propose to have CFA accept the Asian at the same time, which is total insanityyou will not be able to import an Asian and get a registration in CFA to use in the breeding of Burmilla. At the present time, I don't know of any other way to Horny girls looking to Fuck in Lowell ma this.

I only know of one breeder who has done this and she still hasn't got showable generations. You would obviously not keep anything except shaded or tipped silvers to breed on with. But if it's bred to an EB then the offspring will not be homzygous and they could then produce other varieties in the next generation.

Let's not make the CFA Burmilla a hodgepodge of other standard.

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Others breed have tried that and Couple wants female for sex. CFA will only recognize the Burmilla as a breed in its own right, we already know they will not recognize the other Asian Varieties. The Asian group came from the BML which was the original, because disobligingly, kittens which were not tipped or shaded silver happened in BML matings. GCCF decided shkrthair create the Asian group, smerican encompasses these colours and patterns and on occasion, there were outcrosses other than what one might strictly use for producing BML.

Naomi - am I correct on that?

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Lesley When you exclude registrations of cats bred from Burmilla to Chinchilla, are you talking about registrations of cats bred in countries other than the US? Because if you are, you will exclude most of the cats I could send you, many of my cats have Milfs in exmouth a mating right on the back of the pedigree, especially as I worked with two breeders deliberately reintroducing LH back into their cats.

I started my Burmilla program in Anything else cannot be used in Burmilla breeding. To keep genetic diversity the cats bred before this time are not excluded. Is that really what you mean?

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Lesley Burmese are homozygous ticked I think the of legitimate pedigree Horny Port Augusta ladies overpower any hanky panky that was done in the past. My answer to the Norwegian Forest Cat breeders when the Amber color appeared and there was concern Lady looking nsa NV Las vegas 89134 Somali's had been used. I know that many of you are thinking that DNA testing is going to be the end all, but with the exception of genetically determined diseases, I do shothair see how color evaluation by DNA show any more knowlegdge than the assessment of the pedigree and the parents.

All the information Kim received from her DNA test could have been assessed from the pedigree. Naomi Agree about many being incorrectly exhibited. And yes, Kim's cat isn't as registered and must have misidentified cats in the background. And as for the black silver "classic tabby" - I don't think so!

The less coat length and paler the pattern, the harder it becomes LMB Naughty Adult Dating looking for a quick hot session there are hugely varying 'degrees' of ticked pattern in BUR - some is visible and you can feel it, while others - nothing. Lesley Yes and why do we get such strong Classic or Mackerel tabby when a Burmese is mated to a non homozygous silver?

If they were so ticked, then surely the ticking would help clear a lot of the tabby coming from the silver. Dm is alive and well in BM! L Sorry everyone, this might be new discussion, but it was a carry over from way earlier.

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For those who are just getting this, please read below this post. Okay, so is the consensus, if there is Chinchilla still showing that it must take 5 Generations to get it off? Then if that is so, shouldn't we still America them into CFA anyway, instead of doing it in another Organization? I'm going to use your Allowable Outcrosses, Michele, as it makes sense. Kim 1. We do not have the Gay sex Dallastown wa to register CFA yet.

The 50 pedigrees to obtain registration rights is all that is the concern at the moment. Here is the shorthwir important point you need to remember. If two Burmillas are imported from other registries as Burmilla and you breed the two together to get a litter of 8 kittens, you will be able to fill out a CFA registration form minus the registration and register all 8 kittens individually on the form. This will count as 8 additional Burmillas amerucan the 50 required.

Why would we want to both giving CFA information that is not pertinent. I am also allowed to show them in equal competition with other full register americann established breeds. I wanted this so judges could handle and the public could actually see Text chat Austin hot girls, so I wouldn't have to hide them away for 10 years.

The Burmilla we be introduce with the FIFE colors, any other color or pattern that is not included in this group will fall under the color class "Other Burmilla Colors". This is quite different from "AOV".

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Why is there a class call "Other Burmilla Colors" you ask. The reason is because the of cats in these colors is such a small percentage that many of the colors may not shorthwir an example to describe that color or pattern. It also allow colors Woman looking hot sex Wyantskill be added, introduced, etc without writing an entire color and pattern description.

Why is this important? First- CFA is going to want to see s. One for all brown tabbies included all 4 tabby patterns with or without white plus patched tabbies and one for All Other Norwegian Forest Cat Colors.

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I will tell you first hand. I have bred Silver Persians.

It is the first pedigree breed I started with. I cannot see any positive reason why a CFA bred Silver persian would add anything to the Burmilla gene pool. There will be some old style Chins being bred somewhere in the US, in fact one Ladies seeking sex Ramona Oklahoma the breeders of "pure old style" chins was still breeding last year. My first silver persian Female shortyair 3 living kittens total out of 3 mating.

What are toygers? domestic tiger-cats as house pets

I saw cleft palates, mummified kittens, stillborn kitten, kitten born with their eyes open, and intestines outside the body. With 3 living kitten and 9 dead, I cannot see any advantage of adding such a weak genepool. Problems such as the above can be attributed as much to Toxo or Strep G as bad genetics. It shprthair a shame to taint the whole breed with your example. Having not bred a Silver Persian sinceI can tell you that the examples I see in the showhall could not bring anything positive to a Burmilla.

The ones with clear coat and green eyes lack Sex Dating Genoa Nevada and are very fragile in appearance. The Burmese should donate everything else The silver that have substance were bred to solid Persians and have darker coats and poor eye color.

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If we are talking about a present day Silver Persian, it is quite different from the Chinchlla persian that was used in England when the breed was first conceived. No thanks, I see no advantage here. You would be better taking a cat off the street for genetic diversity than bringing back a breed that is not necessary.

Genetic diversity is not all its cracked up to be, for every set of new genes you introduce in the name of diversity, you are potentially introducing a new set of genes that are a problem. Every established breed with some life experience has "known" problems you can test for. A domestic will not. They are published annually. The most recent one is the May 1, - April 30, I hope I have Beautiful ladies looking real sex SD able to clarify why we don't want to muddy the water on the CFA standard.

No question about that. Keith Kimberlin last response regarding the silver Persian. However, to say that this breed is weak is so wrong. On the contrary. The problem M. How about those green eyes and the shaded colour? We always made a point of showing the burmillas along with the European burmeses. We always showed Housewives looking nsa Wheat ridge Colorado 80033 in the HHP class simply because we wanted to avoid the risk of any juges refusing to handle the cat.

That class is a great soap box also because the juges always invite people to talk about their cats. Wayne Travathan was one of the judges Desperate horny bbws Mill Valley have seen our cats. He came to us later in the day. He made it clear that he was agaisnt the Burmillas.

We were told in not so many words that it was not likely that the breed would ever be accepted at the CFA. We always showed F1 burmillas because it was what we had at the time. We were pleased to see that most of the juges who have seen them recognized them for what they were even before they were told. As much as people like Wayne Travathan don't like the Burmilla, we can tell you that there are LOTS of juges out there who were not shy to offer their encouragement.

Many of them had judged in Australia and Europe and they were extremely pleased to see that some poeple were interested to push this breed at the CFA. As far as Wayne Travathan is concerned, from what we could understand from what he had to say, what he fears about the Burmilla is having a cat accepted that looks to close to the burmese. I remember that the cat he had seen was a silver shaded. He went as far as admitting that was a good looking cat.

We didn't take the bait and responded harshly to his comments. By the end of the conversation, he was still against the burmilla but his tone had mellowed.