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National Security When he leaves office, can ex-President Trump be trusted with America's national security secrets? Ex-presidents are entitled to classified briefings. Some ex-intel officials think Trump shouldn't get access to any national secrets when he leaves office. President Donald Trump speaks at a rally on America. Bush on classified developments in the Middle East.

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The Biden transition declined to comment. Trump has said his finances are sound, and that the Want to go down are a small percentage of his assets. Generally, though, large debts to foreign banks — Trump's biggest creditor is reported to be Deutsche Bank, a German institution with links to Russia — would exclude a person from a top secret clearance.

Presidents, however, are not investigated and polygraphed for security clearances as all other government officials are. By virtue of being elected, Bethlehem webcam naked assume control over all the clasifked secret intelligence, and are allowed by law to disclose any of it, at any time, to anyone.

Former presidents aren't subject to security clearance investigations, either.

They are amedican access to secrets as a courtesy, with the permission of the current president. Typically, former presidents are given briefings before they travel overseas, or in connection with an issue about which the current president wishes to consult them, Priess and other experts say.

When President Bill Clinton sent former President Jimmy Carter to diffuse a tense stand off in Haiti, for example, Carter likely received clasjfied briefings on the situation ahead of his trip. And when George H.

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Bush visited his son in the White House, he sat in on on the President's Daily Brief, the highly classified compendium of secrets that is presented each morning to the occupant of the Oval Office, according to Priess, who interviewed both men for his book. It's unclear whether former President Barack Obama has received intelligence briefings after he left office, but Trump said in March that he hasn't consulted his predecessors about the coronavirus or anything else.

Former presidents have long made money after Cheating wives Truro office by writing books and giving speeches, but no former president has ever had the kind of international business entanglements Trump does.

Trump has business interests or connections in China, Russia and other U. That said, Trump probably is not conversant with many highly classified details, experts say, He was famous for paying only intermittent attention during his intelligence briefings and declining to read his written materials.

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Moreover, intelligence officials tend not to share specifics about sources and methods with casified president, unless he asks. But presumably he knows a bit new greenville male massage the capabilities of American surveillance drones, for example, or how adept the National Security Agency has been at intercepting the communications of various foreign governments.

Trump disclosed secret weapons system to Woodward Sept.

In interviews with the Lancaster w your friends Bob Woodward for a book released this fall, Trump boasted about a secret nuclear weapons system that neither Russia nor China knew about. That same year, a member of his golf club at Mar-a-Lago took a photo of a briefing Trump and the Japanese prime minister were receiving in a public area about North Korea, and posted it on Facebook.

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Doug Wise, a former CIA officer and Trump critic, argued this week in a piece on the Just Security web site that Trump has long posed clasidied national security danger, and that affording him access to secrets Sexy culture old women he leaves the White House would compound that danger. After purchase, you will receive an with further information.

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