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general community sentiment is negative we have failed. Is there a secret motive behind these actions we're not being told? Are you not supporting payday 2 anymore - is this the end of payday 2? Payday 2: Ultimate Edition will cost. If you bought the game and all DLC seperately, its much more expensive than buying the Ultimate Edition. A: The Big Score contains all DLCs through the end of 2015. If we fail, we will investigate why and try our best to amend that mistake. Just like on PC, if your friend is hosting a heist from The Big Score DLC and you dont have it, youll be able to join.

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Q: Are there new trophies and achievements in The Big Score DLC? Q: Does The Big Score include general bug fixes? Today, Overkill extended that window significantly, saying it will continue to support. Update (May 11 Overkill is donating revenue from the Ethan and Hila Character Pack to Ethan Klein and Hila Klein in an effort to help them with legal fees stemming from a copyright lawsuit, according. The plan is to launch this in the next patch. So Im not going to be able to pick what DLC I want? Get some friends together or just join an online game, either way youll be part of a crew where each player counts, each weapon pick can be crucial and being a team player is vital if you want to get rich. There were two motives behind this: the first coupon omaggio zooplus is to say Thank You to all our current players who have purchased the base game and any DLC by offering an opportunity to buy the remaining content for an all-time high discount. Starbreeze Studios, Overkills parent company, bought the rights to the Payday franchise from publisher 505 Games in May 2016. We have the privilege of having a community that supports us because they understand that we sometimes will need to try new things. Click for more information.