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10 (w/v) solution refrigerated to reduce the chance of it going mouldy. Have you ever noticed that there are certain things we simply don't like to do as hobbyists? Continue the drop-wise addition of the acid until the pH decreases to between.2 and.4.

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C.Portfolio_2016, connor Thurston, bosphorouscup emiliomerayo, fM4_Vluchtig_WE. Transfer a small amount.5 (w/v) solution into a suitable container, such as a small Pyrex beaker. Colour change will occur quickly, usually beginning in pitted areas. This is your very first post. When dealing with case-hardened objects and steels, such as cutting tools, the tannic acid/iron reaction may be different around the working edges. Ottawa, ON: Canadian Conservation Institute, 2004. A simple method of dilution is to mix the 10 (w/v) solution 50/50 with deionized water, thereby yielding a 5 (w/v) solution. This may require about 50 drops (2 mL) of the dilute phosphoric acid, depending on the initial pH of the tannic acid solution (consult Figure 1 for pH range).