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reading WordPress Posts 404 Error on Localhost. Hence, I created a shortcode. Lets say you are writing a tutorial. If you dont know whats coupon centri benessere italia a ternary operator in PHP is, then youre missing a cool feature of PHP. Continue reading Show Current Date, Month, Year in WordPress With Shortcode. Continue reading Load Stylesheets and Scripts on Specific WP Admin Pages.

I had some articles where I had to show the current month and year. Continue reading Ternary Operator in PHP Explained. Ternary Operator is one of them. So, I recently switched to Linux and installed WordPress locally on there. When you put a shortcode in the post editor, WordPress will render the shortcode and show the ouput on the post page.

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coupon rayhan

So, I needed something that would update the month and year automatically. But most of the times we dont do it correctly. Now its an annoying job to manually update all those articles once the month ends. Conflicts with other plugins or themes. Now, instead of putting the month, I would just. And why would you want to do that? Continue reading Stop WordPress From Rendering a Shortcode in Posts). The reason its called ternary operator is exactly what you are thinking, its composed of three operands. None of them was loading. But what if you want to show the shortcode itself on the post page instead of the output?

There are few operators in PHP which seems a bit complicated. My homepage loads correctly, there were no problems with the installation. I tried to change the structure of my permalinks, thats when I faced a problem. My posts were giving me 404 errors.