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of Manchester, Singapore or Milan decide they want to expand digital payment in their cities, implement a smart-city scheme, build out their cloud computing capabilities or beef up cyber security, Tencent, Alibaba, or one of their many affiliates will be right there. Finally, there is a long-term benefit for Chinese companies in terms of interface and relationship building with local governments. These technologies include mobile phone apps to locate and pay for bikes via micro-payments, cloud computing to oversee bikes scattered across cities and big data in the massive amounts of marketable user information gathered from each rider. While Alibaba and Tencent have themselves smartly focused on emerging markets for their international expansion, Mobike and Ofo are targeting developed markets. In Singapore, only.5 of commuters use bikes as a transportation choice.

Saturday 9:00 am till 11:00. Change is on its way, however, and its coming on two wheels in the form of bike sharing. For the first time in 300 years, Europeans are learning something new from the Chinese, in this case how to scan a QR code to unlock a smart bike lock. With the spread of bike sharing, China could increasingly be seen as a creator of cool, environmentally sound products that actually make you healthier. Mobike founder Hu Weiwei, right, rode with local government officials. Tuesday thru Thursday 11:00 am till 8:00. And if you want something to pass the time while drinking that coffee, Tencent, the worlds largest purveyor of mobile content, will be happy to sell you a game. Europe, Japan, and the.S.

Bike sharing a misnomer they are really bike rental services is perhaps the first cool Chinese codice promozionale victoria50 export since the time of Marco Polo. Up to three coupons can be used in one cart if no overlapping products exist in the offers being applied. No wonder the Xinhua News Agency called bike sharing "Chinas New Four Great Inventions in reference to the four inventions that every Chinese citizen is taught to be proud of: the compass, gunpowder, paper-making, and printing. Combine that with Alibaba founder Jack Mas promise to share the technology of Alipay with the whole world, and its easy to see how getting people to download Ofos app, or Mobikes app, will create a digital beachhead through which these companies can market additional. Friday 11:00 am till 11:00. They will know where you go, at what times and how often.

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